Know Your DNA Know Yourself
OUR WORK Apps That Matter

Our DNA apps help you live better through genomics. If you have taken a DNA test from 23andMe,, or MyHeritage DNA, you can connect your data with our world-class algorithms and learn new and dangerous things about yourself.

Putting the Customer First

We build what people really want, and we'll bring them to existing communities. No laundry lists of trait reports. No scammy apps.

Providing High Value Information

We provide the best, most useful information based on the latest science, even if it’s controversial.

Protecting Your Privacy

We ensure your data is secured through multi-factor & SSO access, along with PoLP policies.

Bringing Genomics to All

We bring the power of genomics to all communities so that people can understand themselves better and in turn make better decisions.

GENOMICS Covid Forecaster

Upload your DNA to get your personal risk of severe symptoms if you are infected with COVID-19.

We’re placing an algorithmic bubble around the world’s most vulnerable individuals.

This is a health and wellness informational app, not a diagnostic tool. Please contact your doctor for medical advice.

SERVICES The Right DNA Tests

Not all DNA tests tell you what you want to know. We offer a variety of genotyping services, and we’ll work with you to figure out the right test for you.

There is no gene for fate. We believe in timshel: With better information we can live better through genomics.
MISSION Our Purpose
Our genes show possibilities,not fate.To guide and inspire everyone on their personal quests, Traitwell builds good and dangerous mirrors for looking at DNAto see things that were,things that are,and things that yet may be.
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